My Battle With Dermatitis and Body Aches

My Battle With Dermatitis and Body Aches

It was nearly 4 months ago since I battled my epidemic with dermatitis and the body aches it caused.   I’m not exact to the date the symptoms started showing up as this had gone on for several years.  If I were to pin point it, I would say my fight with dermatitis started about 5 years ago.   The first symptoms were signs on my palms.  I started to see a small circular patch on the inside of my right palm.  I wasn’t sure what the heck it was.  First thought was, I probably touched something contaminated or contagious.  My second thought was I probably have a skin disease.  The circular patch was so small, I didn’t really think much of it.

Dermatitis or Dirty Metal?

A few months went by and the patch inside my right palm did not go away.  In fact it got bigger.  The skin within the circular area started to get really dry and begin cracking in tiny little pieces, kind of like a mirror that’s broken into a million tiny cracks.   What’s worst was the fact that my left inner palm started developing the same circle though slightly smaller.   I decided to go to my general practitioner to get it checked out.  “Dirty Metal” he said upon diagnosing my palms.  I asked him what he meant by it.  He asked me if I had been in contact with any metal recently.   My response was yes because I frequently worked out in my gym in the garage.  The metal on the barbell was slightly rusty due to being exposed to a non climate controlled garage, however it wasn’t on the entire barbell, but only a few spots.  I didn’t think much of it in the past, but the doctor got me thinking.  After prescribing me some steroidal cream to apply to the patched areas, I headed home.

I applied the topical cream twice a day for a week or so.  The patched area started to get somewhat shiny from the gloss of the cream.  In any regard, it seemed to appear better when I applied the cream, partially because the skin patch was now moistened.  However, after the cream dried up, the patch came back.  What made it worse was a month after I stopped using the cream, the patch got bigger.  In fact, both patches on each palm grew in circular circumference.  Apart from that, my skin within the patch started cracking and this caused the start of deep cuts and the beginning of the inflammation.  I tried everything from creams, to oatmeal rub to eczema creams to aloe vera juice.   I think if anything, the patches got bigger and over time, the patch on my left palm now reached the base of where my thumb and forefinger meet at the web joint.

Dermatitis and Psoriasis

Looking at the patch, I also started to notice tiny flakes of skin drying up and peeling off.  It was a gross sight to see and it was on me, my own body.  I could deal with not having to look at it, but the pain it started causing was unavoidable.  I had to do something about it.  I begin doing research on the web.  I found out that my symptoms matched that of dermatitis or psoriasis.  I didn’t know which as some of the pictures I saw seemed to show that I had dermatitis and others showed the psoriasis characteristics.  I was wondering if maybe I didn’t have both.  I just had to fight back and fight my body aches it was causing.  Through my research, I found out about a very interesting doctor named John O. A. Pagano.  Unfortunately he had recently passed in December of 2012.   I searched to see if he had any books published and ended up finding two:


healing psoriasis

Healing Psoriasis

by Dr John O.A. Pagano.


john pagano

Healing Psoriasis Cookbook

by Dr John O.A. Pagano.

I saw a lot of positive testimonials about them, so decided to purchase them and give them a try.  At this stage my dermatitis started to worsen.  It had now spread to my face.  I would get red patches on the sides of my nose.  They would redden and then scab.  It was quit embarrasing to go out in public, but what could I do?  I gave the books above a shot.  The methods involved juicing and going on a juice fast for 3 days followed by a diet that eliminated what Dr Pagano termed Night Shades.  Night Shades are basically foods that contribute to psoriasis as some people are allergic to them and psoriasis is the symptom.

After reading through the first book which documented incredible recoveries for many patients Dr Pagano treated, I decided to go on a juice fast.  I followed the 3 day fast and then went on to follow his recommendations for food choices.  About two weeks into it however, I kinda gave up following a diet because I simply got too busy.  I did notice however that the cuts in my palms were healing, more than before.  I figured Dr Pagano was on to something, but I simply didn’t have time to sift through a recipe book.  So I ended up continuing my research.   At the time, I decided to get a second opinion and seeked out a skin specialist.  I ended up scheduling an appointment with a local dermatologist and after the visit he diagnosed me as having dermatitis and not psoriasis.

Fight Dermatitis and Body Aches with Cactus Juice

As I browsed the web and youtube, I ended up finding a cactus juice product.  It was designed to fight inflammation caused by any chronic disorder that caused inflammation such as dermatitis, diabetes and pretty much anything that ended in the greek suffix “itis”.  Typically the suffix “itis” has come to mean “inflammation”.  Seeing that I had dermatitis, I was wondering if the psoriasis cure was right for me.  So I started directing my focus on researching cures for dermatitis.  I sifted through all the cream cures and such and found similar keys to the cause of dermatitis and that is mainly due to poor diet.   It is the same with psoriasis.  Dr Pagano was definitely correct.

Ironically at the time, I was actively trading in the forex markets.  I had recently at the time, purchased a forex service owned by a distributor of a cactus juice product.  I had no clue what this was.  After speaking with this fella by the name of Travis, I found out that this cactus juice was designed to reduce inflammation and thus any ailments caused by it.    I reviewed some testimonials on youtube and decided to give it a try.  My complaint was that the product was a bit pricey, but if it got rid of my embarrasing skin condition, I’d give it a try.  It would surely save me public embarrassment that’s for sure.

I started out with a sample pack that lasted me slightly under a week.  To my surprise, it actually tasted good and I honestly drank it as though it were water.  The flavor is some what addicting and I actually looked forward to taking it after my morning and evening meals which is what the label recommends.    After 4 days of drinking this delicious elixir, the patches on my face simply faded.  I could still see a little bit, but it was not evident that I had any type of skin disorder since the red inflammed characteristics had nearly completely vanished.

I went back to the cactus juice site and ended up buying the 4 pack which was deeply discounted.  After about 10 days of the loading phase, amazingly the skin on my face had completely healed.  As to my palms, the circular patches were still there, however, the cuts dried up and healed.  The itch that occurred every so often also disappeared.  Toward my second month of taking this cactus juice elixir, the circular patches were reduced to the size of a nickel.

The product worked for me so much that I decided to become a distributor for the company that manufacturers it.  Rarely do I take supplements or vitamins, however this is the first time that I’ve been consistently taking supplements, seeing results and now recommending it to others.